He has a composed and gentle personality and is loved by everyone. Description 42 years old. Give me my time back and go back to before my eyestrain! I sincerely believe that Tachibana Kaito was a wasted character who had great potential. A nice “boku” Cain and a rougher “ore” Cain, any of the six teachers, and Cosetto, the sister of Edgar friendship ending. Comments Leave a comment.

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Description 18 years old.

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Leave tasoukyoku Reply Cancel reply Oukyuu yasoukyoku your comment here You are not alone as Sieg would help, along with five other members of the royal cabinet. Since the king and queen already passed yasoukoku, the responsibility of educating your new “brother” rested on your shoulder.

Ahh, you like Ryou too… me too. By continuing to oukyuu yasoukyoku this website, you agree to their use. I was playing for the secret ending, and I find out his story was….

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He has a composed and gentle personality and is loved by everyone. Posted on February 1, As a result, your father secretly asked the royal doctor Sieg to create a clone of your brother. A young priest who took up the profession from his father. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


He advises about the kingdom with composed eyes and yaslukyoku sincerely thinks about the country’s affairs. On oukyuu yasoukyoku night of the accident, Sieg informed you of the clone and the problem oukyuu yasoukyoku him — he was like a blank piece of paper, with neither memory nor personality.

If you do, then he will work harder on his lessons but you oukyuu yasoukyoku also lose the freetime to check out oukyuu yasoukyoku guys you oukyuy to end up with. The type who’s always overflowing with confidence and thinking he’s the best. Let’s continue with the trivia. Member Features Login or Register. Since the king and queen already passed away, the responsibility of educating your new oukyuu yasoukyoku rested on your shoulder.

Such a lovely guy! The younger brother of the former king Heintz and Yaosukyoku and Cossette’s father. Give me my time back and go back to before my eyestrain!

There are 9 people you can end up with: Since your father loved your mother very much though she was not of noble descenthe decided not to sleep with another woman: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Then multiply that by the total number of guys in the game: What a waste of a good character.


Oukyuu Yasoukyoku

Description 43 years old. A gentle and refined person, he’s well trusted within the court.

Description 28 years old. Hello Hazuki and welcome! Oukyuu Yasoukyoku PC Rating: Niji Iro no Sketch 1 characters.

After I read raving reviews about this game, I was so pumped oukyuu yasoukyoku when I finally had the chance to play it. Description In this game, you play the princess who suddenly lost her parents as well as brother in an accident.