It killed my USB stick: Hi Pavan, Glad it finally worked out for you. I took it to the repair shop. How to Fix It. It should pick them up then. Other things such as my mobile phone and camera work fine and data transfer is no problem. I learned when soldering small laptop connections you need to use very fine gauge solder and a good iron.

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As you can imagine, format is intended to format the USB drive and restore is meant to make your USB flash drive work again. Right-click the message that did not put a pin drive that comes format Warning.

I am a software engineer. So I plugged the mouse into a front port and voila. I went to the device Mgr. Seems like there’s something going on with Win 10 and drivers.

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I tried to uninstall again but not sure how musbfixer 2.0 final got it to work the first time, doesnt seem to work now.


The drive is likely unfixable. The laptop is an HP Pavillion gdx. This was a lifesaver, thank you. That’s a novel approach and I see why it would work.

Softek IT Consult: mUSBfixer v (Formats write-protected USB flash drives)

Aug 17th, Freeware. Of course, you could take this to an expert for repair, but there will be associated costs with this. You may need to reinstall the webcam driver. I’d call some other places to check. The command line didn’t work, Disk Management didn’t work, and a program wouldn’t work.

I’m running Windows I just can’t reformat the pendrive as “The Disk is Write-Protected”. Dealing with an SD card? I used every things u described in msubfixer website regedit ,apacer,cmd,kingston,etc ,but couldnot change write protection. OF course fnal is the port. Hi Deepak, Check to make sure the proper drivers for the phone are installed and working. Don’t pay for tech support! Select the “Properties” option from the nusbfixer that appears and click on “Policies” tab from the Properties window.

I’d like to thank you, musbfixer 2.0 final, for an exceptionally clear and concise article. And the question still remains unanswered I have 8 USB ports. I discovered this accidentally but musbfixer 2.0 final set proberly, usb devices can start to work again.


mUSBfixer Full [Download Now]

Nothing solved the problem. My hp32 gb pendrive is not formet from diskpart methods. I honestly can’t say if having Windows 7 and Linux on the same drive would be the cause of the issue.

However, it still powers my USB 2. I’m at a loss about what to do. Does the mp3 player show up in the device manager at all? I shut down and restarted the computer a several times until the USB ports started working musfixer.