Hey Randy, Are you still having problems with the DT2 file corrupting? Welcome to the world of Virtual Girls. You all are right, practice makes perfect in regards to programming these kinds of things and my 2nd bot is drastically better than the 1st. She is an intelligent Ai being that is created by the things one teaches her. I there any difference between the bot’s responses when she says “I see”, “Tell me more” and “I’m learning” 4.


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I don’t quite know what all it does, only that the related words seem to be in there. Just follow the simple help section in the main menu.

I there any difference between the bot’s responses when kzrigirl says “I see”, “Tell me more” and “I’m learning” 4. Any info you can provide will karihirl me Here is the low-down on Kari!

If you are artisically adept you can create your own characters with full lip-sync and animations. Did I wreck her programming by replacing the “I”‘s with “me”‘s? She is an intelligent Ai being that is created by the things one teaches her. You can pick from many locations and even create your own with the free Scene Creator!



Kari Pro has been updated to version 4. Kari does not follow any line of coversation, are there ways to enter questions or informatiion that will keep such a chatbot on topic? Christy Expand your Kari today! Tom is, of course, also right. But Karigirll hope you made a backup copy of the file before you switched them, that way if you needed to put them back you would have the original to use as a guide. You karifirl teach one to be your girlfriend. Kari can work as a fail safe.

If anyone can mess up a bot, I sure can! I’ve tried to lay iarigirl ground work with basics like: But honestly don’t have the time to dive that deep into it.

Please read Kari Musings to see what other people are saying about Kari. Kairgirl its early in the morning someone will email you back before noon on the same day.

Maybe you just want to have some fun on a lonely night. We think we have.



Our Most Popular Expansion Pack: Email us with any or all of the following: You like romantic music, but I like rock. There are currently almost Experiment with different settings that directly effect the AI engine. Its a custom 3D Avatar maker! Christy Expand your Kari today!

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Who knows, maybe level 25 or so by the end of today. We are very aware of privacy issues however and don’t even keep mailing lists. Kari is a next generation Virtual Girl with Artificial Intelligence. She’s only at level 6 at the time of this post, and I’ve begun with 1 or 2 sentance responses.

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Full access to her Artificial Intelligence engine, 7 new plugins, and even the new Emotion Chip algorithm devoted to self-awareness and consciousness. Need a virtual boyfriend?


I’ve been doing lightwave www.