Zaentz’s attorneys contacted Warner Bros. In the meantime, Fogerty’s recording contract with Asylum Records was reassigned to co-owned Warner Bros. Bringing his guitar to the witness stand, he played excerpts from both songs, demonstrating that many songwriters himself included have distinctive styles that can make different compositions sound similar to less discerning ears. Appears on the Centerfield album. Records so this album was the first released on the Warner Bros. Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death.

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Retrieved March 29, This case, Fogerty v. In court, Fogerty played the two songs on guitar right on the witness stand and won the case. Here the electronic drums and synthesizer work for me.

It’s the best-selling album in several local record chains, including Tower, Music Plus and Moby Disc. According to the Hollywood ReporterZaentz died at his home in San Francisco of complications related to Alzheimer’s. The concert was also the first collaboration between Fogerty and session drummer Kenny Aronoff.

Fogerty wrote the phrase in the chorus of the song in the aftermath of the Dana album Vanzz by John Fogerty. During this feud he remained friends with the remaining 3 former members of Creedence, including John’s brother Tom Fogerty.

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Archived from the original PHP on General Comment noamshouseparty – Spot on bro. The Rockers we Lost in General Comment A song about John’s brother Tom. Controversy InSaul Zaentz, the boss of Fantasy Records, which owns the distribution and publishing rights to the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival, brought a series of lawsuits against John Fogerty, including a claim that the music from Fogerty’s song ” The Old Man Down the Road ” was too john fogerty vanz kant danz to “Run Through the Jungle”.


After discussions with Warners attorneys about a meeting to discuss possible changes in the album, Rudman said, his firm was notified “unilaterally” that the only change was going to involve Fogerty substituting the letter “V” for the letter “Z” in the song.

If ‘Zanz’ Kant Danz, Kan ‘vanz’?

The album–the first release in a decade by the former leader of Creedence Clearwater Revival–has sold more thancopies. After the 25th Anniversary version of Centerfield was released in summerFogerty played “Kant Danz” in five shows in September that year. The RIAA has certified the album double-platinum 2 million album sales. He’s a foul one.

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The verse section is almost modern disco and the mid section has an extended percussion section, adding to the overall dance elements of lant closing track. Login with Google Error: It must have been true otherwise Vanz would have sued. An acidic story about a pocket-picking pig, “Zanz Kant Danz” has been interpreted by some industry observers as a thinly veiled indictment of Saul Zaentz, the main force behind Fantasy Records, Fogerty’s former label.


Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Dwnz altered “Vanz Kant Danz” version of this song appears on all post pressings of the album.

Fogerry A Clay animation or claymation music video of “Kant Danz” was manufactured and released in spring Fogerty’s public response to this news makes it clear he has still not forgiven his former nemesis, even in death. For the song, see Centerfield song. Vanz Kant Danz ‘ closes the album, with Caribbean elements in the intro and interesting beats, guitar riffs and synths throughout.

Centerfield (album) – Wikipedia

This is what I like about this story. Australian Chart Book — Illustrated ed. After prevailing as defendant, Fogerty sued Zaentz for the cost of defending himself against the copyright infringement. Instead, he simply posted a link to the official ‘Vanz Can’t Dance’ video, complete with animated dancing pigs. Fans’ views “Reminds a little bit P.