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Their friendship was nonetheless strong, even having endured the battle of Durotar, which cost Jaina her father and Thrall many of his warriors. Chronicle Volume 3 , pg. When Jaina awakens, she finds herself radiating with arcane energy and nearly all of her once fair hair turned to moonlight white. Using this knowledge Jaina would head towards Ratchet and then secure Fray Island and began her plan to destroy Orgrimmar by using the Focusing Iris to summon a massive tidal wave’s worth of water elementals to drown the whole city. Amongst the known casualties were Jaina herself and almost entirety of the blue dragonflight, leaving only Kalecgos alive but mad.

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The human survivors then founded the port city of Theramorejoining the Alliance led by Varian Wrynnwhile maintaining peace with jainw Horde for several years. Tyrande then asked whether this was their only secret correspondence, to which Perith said it wasn’t. Though she offered to help her mentor and the magi of Dalaran defend the city against the Scourge, Antonidas insisted that she tend to her other duties and lead what remained of her people across the Great Sea.

Kalec, as leader of the blue flight, unexpectedly donates the Iris to the Kirin Tor for safe-keeping. Leader of the Kirin Tor [3]Ruler of Theramore. Ultimately, she is defeated Varian stressed to her that the Alliance must act as one. They embraced and kissed, neither one wanting these differences to lead them to break up. She took a silver Kul Tiran pendant hanged around one of the sword handles and handed it to a hooded ferryman at the Theramore docks as fare.

As The Lich King retreated to his private chambers and sicked the captains on her allies, Jaina remained determined to save Arthas and pursued him as ba doors behind her closed. Jaina told Varian to not “go soft” before leaving to prepare the Kirin Tor for war.


Anduin was glad to have nfa honorary aunt back with them, and Jaina commented on how much had happened while she was away; specifically, she wanted to know about the rumors she had heard of her old friend Calia Menethil and what happened in Arathi Highlands. This section concerns content related to Cataclysm. It would appear that Kael’thas fell in love with her during Jaina’s training with Antonidasbut their differences in vfa age she was a teenager and he was several centuries old filled him with guilt and self-doubt, and resulted in only an awkward friendship between the two.

In the aftermath of the battle she attends Varian’s funeral, and is outraged at her belief that the Horde left the Alliance to die against the demons. The ComicIssue 6: According to Baine, Kairoz selected the most broken and darkest versions. Jaina is unapologetic as she believes the Sunreavers brought the expulsion on themselves. Jaina intended to relocate the lizards to a largely unpopulated region on the far side of Mulgore, but was astonished to discover that the area was magically warded to protect its single inhabitant: She was able to clear away the Forsaken blight covering the area in front of the gates of the city, and then used her ship’s cannons to destroy the walls of Lordaeron and allow the Alliance in.

This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade. Ultimately, the attempted assassinations on the human and orc leaders effectively ruined any chance of a human-orc alliance.

She was noticed and attacked by Jaina from the main universe. The two left to go somewhere private to talk.

Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore is seen speaking with Tiran Blackwood. In spite of this, she admitted that peace may be possible if Garrosh is removed, and admitted that she wished she had parted with Thrall on better terms, implying that it may be possible to mend fences later on.


However, ever since Garrosh’s assault on Theramore that ended in the city’s obliteration, Jaina’s friendship with Thrall has been severely tested as she blames him for putting Garrosh in power, which subsequently lead to the Fall of Theramore and the open war between the Alliance and Horde.

In Twilight of the Aspectsan alternate timeline was shown that Arthas, along with Jaina, were forced from Lordaeron to Stormwind. Anduin indeed used the hearthstone when he wanted to visit his “auntie” Jaina in time when she got back from meeting Thrall and later when Moira Thaurissan took over Ironforge. Eventually they began to talk and Kalec expressed how he vfa that Jaina had grown very hard and bitter and that she doesn’t seem to stop hurting over what’s happened.

The wound jxina, was too serious and they were too exhausted from fighting. Sometime after Baine sent Perith Stormhoofone of his Longwalkers to deliver the news of Northwatch Hold ‘s fall, Garrosh’s desire to conquer all of Kalimdorand that the Horde was intent on marching upon Theramore.

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She was able to see the world of proto-dragons through Alexstrasza’s eyes and after Galakrond was defeated, she was successful in bringing Kalecgos to the present. For other uses and appearances, see Jaina disambiguation. Moments later, the naga kidnapped both Varians, though the one that would be later known as Lo’Gosh jaiba into the sea and escaped, the second being ransomed.