As you said, they are so fast And if I remember correctly, it also made it to the front page when it originally came out as well. This was one of the, if not the, best LoL parodies I’ve seen. How the hell can you guys make these so fast and with such a high level of quality? And WOW i have to say had some amazing freaking parody’s.

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I’m stunned with their productivity. You can’t just throw in a bunch of words related to the game together, occasionally rhyming. Wow this is probably one of my favorit game theimed parody songs i’ve ever heard. If they don’t exit ihstalok post-game stat screen then it still lists them as playing and the timer keeps ticking up, I’m pretty sure.

Oh I should also say I like not seeing the guy sing like in other videos Great job on the song.

It’s been an honor, sir. Log in or sign up in seconds. Yeah, though my best one is still Get LPnot to discredit the others. And WOW i have to say had some amazing freaking parody’s. Good job and all, but it seems whenever there is a game parody of a mainstream pop song, the lyrics seem to never flow.


I play League but the music videos where they aren’t joking around are always cringey to me. He praised a song in a thread where you would be downvoted if you didn’t. But this one, my fave right now. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Instalok using my active.

Now I look back on it and I feel so ashamed. I gotta hand it to the maker for summoning a new level xctive cringe within me. It’s got to flow in rhythm and meaning as well. This has been surprisingly not shitty.

Instalok – Using My Active (Imagine Dragons – Radioactive PARODY)

Still a brilliant production. You have my support, but you’re in enemy territory, hit the aftive Good job like always. Meanwhile, the rest of the subreddit instqlok like Instalok instalok using my active others to continue their craft: I imagine it’ll look like this.

He has some pretty good content both League based and original. Another of his songs, “Set Fire to the Vayne” made it to the front page recently within the last week I would say even though the song has been on his Youtube channel for some time. You must have put a ton of effort into this video and we really appreciate it!


Also, very well done song. I was like “what happened to the turret”. Assuming it was a real game and the timer said 85 mins long at one point.

Instalok – Using My Active (Imagine Dragons – Radioactive PARODY) – video dailymotion

I dare you all to bring our comments down to negative each. Yes, such an amazing comment. My reaction to this song.

Would be hilarious to watch. Also they built all the actives on all of them. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Wish there were fewer repeated clips, would really improve the entertainment of the video.