Ty ne day im opyat’ zakatat’ rukava, Ty ne day im opyat’ zakatat’ rukava Suetlivykh nochey. Chernye fary u sosednikh vorot, Lyuki, naruchniki, porvannyy rot. That was the first multiple-camera concert films made in Russia. DDT’s submission to Zolotoy Kamerton reached the final round of the competition and the group was invited to perform in concert at Moscow ‘s Orlyonok complex , together with the other finalist, Rok-sentyabr Rock-September from Cherepovets. All Russian lyrics belong to the artists See the phonetic transcript table for pronunciation.

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The band was formed in [1] and originally consisted of five members:.

According to Shevchuk, the album’s central theme is a freedom in all their forms and the lyrical hero is a Prince Hamlet of the 21st century which has no ddt rodina about the question ” To be, or not to be?

Musicians planned to make a double album, however because of challenging deadlines and the instability rorina the lineup, a significant amount of early musical material and recordings did not make it into the ddt rodina version. Inthey went on another tour with the band Alisaperforming at a rock festival in Hungary [11].

DDT – Rodina (Родина) lyrics + English translation

Bozhe, skol’ko dney ya ishchu to, chto vechno so mnoy, Skol’ko let ya zhuyu vmesto khleba ddt rodina lyubov’, Skol’ko zhizni v visok mne plyuet Voronenym stvolom dolgozhdannaya da-a-al’! By the time DDT started recording a next stuido album, Shevchuk had become the only rdina from original Piter line-up and had brought together a brand new team:.

That duologue had even more experimental sound then Mir nomer nol.

Sigachyov distanced rodian from the group, while Shevchuk recruited new members including Rodin, drummer Sergey Rudoyguitarist Rustam Rezvanov and keyboard player Vladislav Senchillo. On April 5,DDT released a film titled Nebo pod serdtsem Heaven under the Heart a compilation of behind-the-scenes and concert footage from the band’s performance at the ” Olympic Stadium “. Afterwards, the group toured with its newest programme, Ot i do From and to. Guitar tabs or chords: After the Soviet Union’s collapse inDDT attracted an even greater following both at home and abroad, as their albums and concerts began to dst broadcast and publicized more widely.


Ty ne day im opyat’ zakatat’ rukava, Ty ne day im opyat’ ddt rodina rukava Ddt rodina nochey. The rodkna has transcended Russia, reaching an ever-growing audience in the U. Such “underground” artists became widely known, and their unofficial albums were sometimes mentioned in the press. After recording ddf album, some members of the group landed on a KGB watch list and were subjected to government persecution [6]. In the s, DDT straddled the line ddt rodina underground and sanctioned artists, but was close to the underground in their musical, lyrical, and performing styles.

Rodina (Родина) (English translation)

After the following tour Vadim Kurilev, band’s guitarist and bass-guitarist from original Piter line-up, had left a group to begin his solo career. With this program DDT had lost a part of their old fans but found a ddt rodina success among the young auditory ddt rodina a fact which DDT were very pleased by.

Shevchuk put together the first incarnation of the band in the summer ofand although its members have changed over the years, he continues to voice the concerns and frustrations of the Russian people in ddt rodina music today just as he did in the band’s infancy.

During this time, popular music in the former Soviet Union was split between sanctioned “official” performers who were admitted to the musicians’ union, and underground artists. During the long-running competition, the group published their first album on tapeSvinya na raduge Pig on a Rainbow.


Retrieved 29 April Since then, the band has won a number of Russian music awards and been awarded humanitarian citations for their creative and charitable work.

Although they never considered themselves political activists, Shevchuk always felt it his duty as a citizen and a songwriter to address not only the strengths but the weaknesses of his country’s government, a dangerous stance to take in the former Soviet Union. The band’s music was banned, forcing them to go underground. The album contained elements of rock and rollblues and country music. InDDT performed several concerts in the U.

In the beginning ofa new album, Eto vsyo… That’s all…was recorded. Edu ya na rodinu, Pust’ krichat — urodina, Ddt rodina ona nam nravitsya, Spyashchaya krasavitsa, K svolochi doverchiva, Nu, a k nam Ddt rodina always was and still is one of the most popular rock groups in Russia, and their concerts typically attract tens of thousands of fans. DDT’s submission to Zolotoy Kamerton reached the final round of the competition and the group was invited to perform in concert at Moscow ‘s Orlyonok complextogether with the other finalist, Rok-sentyabr Rock-September from Cherepovets.

The concert in Petersburg was shown on TV by Channel 5 without commercial breaks. Views Read Edit View history.

Their performance, however, was edited out of the official television program covering the event [5].