The Motor Size Result Box displays the same information as the detail report but displays the information one section at a time. Balanced Voltage Drop calculates the Voltage Drop with the load on every section assumed to be distributed equally among all the available phases. Select the report you want to copy from Short-circuit in the example If the base voltage is greater than 15kV, this field will be ignored. Protective devices such as fuses and relays can operate incorrectly in the presence of excessive harmonic currents. Check it to include it in the list of generated reports.

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It exhibits four unknown loads.

It can be characters long. The xymdist category is added to the Show: For onephase section, the base voltage is the Line-Neutral voltage. Type a 47. or partial text string and click Find. You could grow the load by some general factor e. The other items in the list Cymdist 4.7 devices, Fuses, Reclosers, Sectionalizers, Breakers allows you to select sections by selecting specific equipment located on the target section.

Click on OK to close the Report Properties dialog box cymddist save temporarily the properties you just entered. Exception Mark check this field to indicate exceptional event in order to exclude it from analysis.

The Find field at the top of the dialog box allow to search the listing cymdist 4.7 using a string of characters present in any of the keyword names including the items shown in the columns.


The module computes reliability indices for the overall system and their corresponding protection zones, as well as customer point indices. The handout worked out the complex impedance for a.

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When you activate this option, additional options will be displayed in the dialog box as detailed in the following section. These options are explained below. You may cymdist 4.7 display results in Tags.

If you click on Cancel here, the category will not be deleted. This analysis can take a few seconds for a few feeders and can take a few hours for a large network.

Main breaker operates causing interruption to ALL feeder customers. The number of items listed will vary depending on the phase of the failed section: Skin effect on the resistance is not included. Click Restrictions to prevent SOM from overloading equipment or adding more loads to an an already overloaded equipment. Calculation Method Conventional Calculates the unbalanced fault flows using the conventional shortcircuit analysis parameters.

The phase angle of the injected current will cymdist 4.7 determined automatically from the angle of the voltage at the connection point and the power factor angle. The restoration will begin by restoring power to the highest priority customers.

As the length of line increases, the shunt capacitance becomes significant, and the line model functions more and more like a filter for high-order harmonics. The description of the default data reported in the Short-Circuit Results Box are detailed below. Cymdist 4.7 should be no connected loads upstream of the meters.


The procedure to delete a category follows: Zone Z1 contains 4 sub-zones — Z1.

This will have the effect of generating many cymdist 4.7 for the same chart. Improved service reliability might be motivated by government regulation or by market competition, but providing superior service at an attractive price is in the interest of both the utility and the customer.

If you want to delete keywords in this list, select the keyword and click on the Delete button.

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LG cymdist 4.7 fault current, in Amperes. The CYMDIST base package is a comprehensive tool providing distribution engineers with key applications to perform system planning studies, simulations and analysis on a daily basis.

Once the indices are entered click the OK button and cymsist Run on the first dialog box. Note that the measured power factor could be different at each meter. Frequency and Voltage vs.