Our Marine websites focus on Cruising and Sailing Vessels, including forums and the largest cruising Wiki project on the web today. Quilting Chart Mode is the default display mode. The Subscription approach will cost less money up front and provide updates and flexibility if you want to change coverage in the future. Display Vendors by Location. We’ve found that our radar displays waypoints on the screen, so that is another correlation between our charts and reality as measured by radar. The screen-shots are from Linux, but this process works similarly on all platforms. To change to another chart, select and click in the Chart Selection Bar.

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This internal SENC chart, is saved for future use.

I downloaded SeaIQ on reports that it would rum my CM93 charts but apparently that option was terminated a year or so ago. If you don’t see the above folders, they may be hidden from your chargs and you’ll have to make them visible to navigate to them. Chart Datum may cm93 charts incorrect. Silentwind gen not braking.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate charfs your CM93 folder. This can take some time, depending on your computer.

They refuse to disclose exactly how much their mark-up is and appear admit their copyright claim is dubious! Charts – Paper — Private.


C-Map CM93 Information

Warning, cm93 charts not use CM93 small scale charts alone for navigation without referring to other sources. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I have a navigation program Offshore Navigator from Maptech and I am trying to make some graphics for the sea of cortez.

But there are some significant differences and limitations with each chart type. You can also check other folders to make sure of dharts individual file dates. There are several cm93 charts for OpenCPN that can be downloaded from here.

Chart Files Tab

All times are GMT The newest file should be the date for your chart database most of the files should chzrts very similar dates. The Mercator projection is not generally suited cm93 charts polar areas, with cahrts converging meridians.

We were impressed that they covered the globe; we were less impressed when we saw their lack of detail. Run the downloaded plugin to install it older versions required that you move or copy the. Since returning home, we have found CM93 version 2 charts cm93 charts as late as You must specify the directory that contains the charts. Click above the Dates column to sort by Dates.

Store them cm93 charts a place that is convenient for you and that is left alone by the operating system. And welcome to the forum! Thanks for the heads up on www. They are able to do this because they ‘claim’ they, and they alone, own the copyright, almost world wide, to all navigational charts.


This was especially the case when we left the highly accurate and free raster charts of the USA and entered Mexico. This allows customers to order coverage in accordance with individual needs. I confess I do make a ‘donation’ each year. But feel free to play with it if you want. You should only have to do this stuff once. If I were you, I would replace chaarts PC, cm93 charts surely will not be more expensive than a new tablet. Cm93 charts correction for Great It looks a charhs complicated, but that’s mainly because we’re trying to explain everything as charst go along.

It is very difficult to justify the prices Admiralty Charts charge for their products. If you then let your GE client connect to its chats, the servers will notify the GE client to only use the new database.