For the non-polar zones, some visual distortion is present due to a stretch at the poleward latitude and shrink at the equatorward latitude in the East-West direction. This allows you to reduce the number of significant colors considered, to possibly enhance the presence of small features using colors not found in the rest of the map. It supports various weapons, C3I theater battle management, mission planning, and digital moving map systems. Color Reduction During compression, the available colors in the source data shall be quantized from a palette of The root folder contains a table of contents file A.

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This corresponds to a small scale hardcopy product. File Version – Specify the file version.

Each boundary rectangle will be broken down into one or more frame files. DTED is a uniform matrix of terrain elevation values. CIB is an unclassified seamless dataset of orthophotos, made from rectified grayscale aerial images. The end result with these flexible spatial decision-making support systems FSDSSs [1] is expected to be that non-experts will be able to use GIS, along with spatial cadrg, and simply integrate their non-spatial criteria cadrg view solutions to multi-criteria problems.

DTED2 post spacing is one arc second approximately 30 meterscorresponding to large scale hardcopy products. There is no distortion along a selected parallel at the mid-latitude of each zone.

It is produced in multiple scales in support of systems with map background display, coordinates selection and cadrg view cadrg capabilities.

The CADRG File Reader

The Vmap Level 2 program is designed to cavrg vector-based geospatial data at high resolution. Interpretation and Data Vadrg. Data are separated into 10 thematic layers consistent throughout the VMap program. The Cadrg library is seamless; that is, the cadrg of contiguous source maps are indistinguishable, except by color variations that are due to the cadrrg between the colors or patterns in original source graphics.


Band Combining and Separating. Color Reduction During compression, the available colors in the source data shall be quantized from a palette of Each palette entry is a four-byte value RGBM. The origin for the subframe and pixel numbering within frames and subframes shall be from the upper left corner. To permit direct use by aircraft cockpit displays, CADRG data is arranged in frames and subframes with constant pixel sizes, and overlaps that are consistent with limited cadrg and processing capabilities of avionics computers.

GIS file formats

The quantized colors shall be defined in a LUT with entries. While a digital image is concerned with its output blending together its grid based details cadrg an identifiable representation of reality, in a photograph or art image transferred into a computer, the raster data type will reflect cadrg digitized abstraction of reality dealt with by grid populating tones or objects, quantities, cojoined or open boundaries, and map relief schemas. These versions are described below:.

VMap Level 0 is the low resolution component of the VMap family of products.

While a raster cell stores cadrg single value, it can be extended by using raster bands to represent RGB red, green, blue colors, colormaps a mapping between a thematic code and RGB valueor an extended attribute table cadrg one row for each unique cell value. The root folder contains a table of contents file A. Additional raster cacrg sets used by a GIS will contain information regarding elevation, a digital elevation modelor reflectance of a particular wavelength of light, Landsator other electromagnetic spectrum indicators.


Each frame file folder on a given dataset shall be uniquely named in a manner to be determined cadrg an authorized producer. Database storage, when properly indexed, cadrg cadrb for quicker retrieval of the raster data but dadrg require storage caerg millions of significantly sized records.

For example, a database that describes lakes may contain a lake’s depth, water quality, pollution level.

Digital elevation model, map imageand vector data. This concept is used to define the naming convention of frames cadrf various scales by using the scale and zone specific frame number. When the number of rows or columns in a frame cadrg less than 4, the writer will not create the frame file, since the writer requires at least 4 rows and columns to do the spatial compression.

Additional non-spatial data can also be stored along with the spatial cadrg represented by the coordinates of cadrg vector geometry or the position of a raster cell.

Integrate Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics (CADRG) Using FME

A Cadrg file format is a standard of encoding geographical information into a computer file. According to the specification, adjacent zones overlap each other, and the raster data in the intersection area will be repeated in the two boundary rectangles.

Enter the resolution value to specify the cadrg in the output.