The miracle of art springs from the lifeblood of the artist! Deep in that dust has been smothered your flame— Wake, and hear dawn its high summons proclaim! I believe in the destiny of my Millat My Community! Jinhain Dekh Ke Sharmaen Yahood? Skip to main content. To whom now other customs seem far nobler than their own? His own self was the irst battleield where he won his irs victory.

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Perfume the garden breeze, and ill the earth with scent of you.

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Play with this piece of paper—that is harmless. It grants the ruby reddish hue, but denies the heat of spark. Nothing of mooy burning and making of the Muslims is hidden from me. My portion is radiance: Hushyar Bash Ah you who cannot distinguish the hidden from the revealed, become aware! Are you intending to embrace the light? So great their insolence indeed, they dare even God upbraid!

The italicized line is translated from the poet Uri Shirazi. Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make aye moot thehar ja playlist public or private. Impoverished by its own preys.


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aye moot thehar ja My status is so high— I am the throne of the God of Majesty! What is kept concealed in the breast of the Lovers? If for the East war is unhallowed, Is not war unhallowed for Western arms? Ah, why within our deadened hearts that aue lame today leaps not? Iqbal has been acclaimed as the national poet of Pakistan. What is the originality of thought and action?

Urne Se Pehle Par-Fishan Ho Ja Your wings and your plumage are soiled with the dust of colour and race; You, my bird mooy the holy shrine, shake your wings before you start to ly. No less than Khyber, the war of faith and land, But warrior like Ali R.

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Death is your ultimate destiny, Death is my ultimate destiny. I wish that my prayer would have efect—Give to a beggar, bounteous Lord!

Like Sanjar great and Tughral just to rule and conquer learn you must: All such people who were suspected of carrying on any activities against the English were suppressed and eliminated ruthlessly.


If yhehar heart a man may hold, His dross is changed to sterling gold.

Iqbal.s Selected poetry | Mohammed Mahbboob Hussain Aazaad –

Tender feelings adrift in the tide of youth. These two movements represented two cross-currents opposing each other, and this is not the occasion to go into detail concerning them.

Deep in that dust has been smothered your lame— Wake, and hear dawn its high summons proclaim!

You are, all else a trick those eyes have wrought! Where is your native land?

Love be thanked for granting me the gown rhehar and untorn. The ocean is my goal. I had regard for the failure of the hunter, O friend Otherwise, why could I come over lying for one grain?

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