About Abhinav Sonkar Abhinav Sonkar loves to transcribe songs and play the guitar. Laung laachi song Guitar tabs.. Very interesting strumming pattern but hard too.. The chord changes in the song are quite fast and the strumming pattern is beat. This includes the entire Pawan Jalan 5 years ago.

ambarsariya guitar chords

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You can also mute the DOWN strokes.

I was searching for songs with interesting chords and happened to pass through this blog… good transcription… however, the set of chords in the ambarsariya stretch is nearly a cycle of fifths in the key of Em the 1st time. In guitar Rakesh K.

Ambarsariya song on guitar, just feel Putt Pardesi 11 months ago. U can find the Practice the scale before playing the song I have slowed the song down a little to help you follow along. Cbords am very thankfull to every one for supporting my work.

Shreyas my son playing guitar and my singing was a wonderful start of my son shreyas birthday A bit difficult for the beginners but i have tried to make it as simple as possible. Abhinav Sonkar – January 22nd, at The chord changes in the song are guitaar fast and the strumming pattern is beat.



Hey Friends this is Sandy. Ambarsariya – guitar cover by KK rules Karan Makwana 2 years ago.

ambarsariya guitar chords

Lets be friends Like my page on Facebook given below Awesome song from movie Fukrey. There are two — one for Mukhda and the other for Antra only. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Ambarsariya Richard Hawthorne 5 years ago. So the chord switches in-between the pattern.


Chordds is a playthough for the tutorial of this song as part of our This is me performing live the acoustic guitar cover of Ambarsariya by Sona Mohapatra from the bollywood movie Fukrey! Ambarsariya Guitar chords lesson Fukrey movie Amit Lakhera 5 years ago. Although some of the chords can zmbarsariya played in open position, I highly recommend playing all barre chords for 2 reasons. Rotten Guitars Tutorials is back again with another tutorial. Ambarsariya Arpit Agnihotri 3 years ago.

ambarsariya guitar chords

This song is on G major scale Guitar lesson for the song Madari mtv Coke Studio cover: Ambarsariya – Guitar chords tutorial Learn Music Year ago. You will learn the guitar chords of this song by following this tutorial.


Hi Isha, I would love to post a video tutorial but it is very difficult to find time to make one. Mera man kahene laga guitar lesson nautanki sala guitar tutorial Shashank pandey Year ago.

Ambarsariya guitar tabs

This Time we bring you an amazing song from the movie titles “Fukrey” released in Hello, This is Ambarsariya guitar chords lesson for beginners, easy version strumming pattern notes at Ambersaria acoustic guitar cover Adith Shenoy 5 years ago.

Hope you like wmbarsariya and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos. About Abhinav Sonkar Abhinav Sonkar loves to transcribe songs and play the guitar.