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Colourway A set of colours to be used in a design; multiple colourways are often given for one fabric. Tussah silk A strong, coarse, light-brown silk yarn or fabric made from cocoons of undomesticated silkworms with filaments that are more irregular and dull than cultivated silk and take dye poorly. Yarn A continuous strand of textile fibres that my be composed of endless filaments or shorter fibres twisted or otherwise held together. Cellulose Cellulose; this fibre processed to make cellophane and rayon, and more recently Modal, a textile derived from beechwood cellulose. Nonwoven sheet of matted material made from wool, hair, fur or certain manufactured fibres. The prints were often large vines, leaves and florals.

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Commonly used to produce striped, plaid, or jacquard colour effect. J Jacquard loom A type of loom used to produce elaborate designs having intricate weaves Jute Jute is a long, soft, shiny plant fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. Slit film yarn 1. Oldest textile fibre known G Genova velvet A type of velvet where in Jacquard patterns are woven into the ground fabric and where the pile is made of a combination of cut and uncut loop pile.

Silk A protein harvested from the cocoons of silkworms that is naturally in filament form and when cleaned is fine, supple, lustrous, and exceptionally strong.

Nylon A man-made fibre that is strong, durable, elastic, exhibits high static and pilling, and has low moisture retention. Argyle A pattern designed with different colour diamond shapes knit into a fabric. Novelty yarn A yarn with unusual or special effects such as nubs, flakes, loops, beads, or lumps. A velvet with a pile raised only in selected areas 2.


Glossary: Fabric

Greige Fabric that has altfieldd no preparation, dyeing or finishing treatment. The set of yarn elements in a woven fabric that runs horizontally, crossing and interlacing with altfueld warp 2. A lace fabric is lightweight openwork fabric, patterned, either by machine or by hand, with open holes in the work. A device holding warp yarns in tension to allow the interlacing of filling yarns. Polyurethane Fibre with high strength, zltfield elongation, and low moisture absorption used for nonwoven faux leathers and vinyls.

Two directional velvet Velvet with more than one pile direction, each of which reflects light differently, creating dark and light values. Woollen yarn A coarse, short staple wool or wool-like yarn that has not been combed.

The fabric being tested is pulled taut and loaded onto the lower plates of the Martindale machine.

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Short fibres, measured in centimetres or inches 2. Polyester Fibre made from petroleum, coal, air, and water that is high-strength, washable, and abrasion resistant, but subject to pilling, staining, and static electricity. The technology is based on amorphous silica nano-particles that permanently adhere to a aptfield in a mesh network that prevents particles from becoming airborne. In knitted fabrics, selveges are the unfinished yet structurally sound edges that were neither cast on or altfiield off Sateen Not to be confused with satin.

Registered trademark owned by Hoechst-Celanese for specialized polyester fibre 2. In case the rod has no blade, then the warp xltfield from a loop pile. It provides comfortable cushion protection where required, combined with optimum spill and stain prevention and clean ability Dye A colourant that chemically interacts with fibres E Elongation 1.


Clipping Cutting away the floating portions of supplementary yarns to allow the remaining loose-cut edges to be used as a part of the design.

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Burn-out fabric A patterned fabric, made with two different fibres, whose effect is produced by destroying one of the fibres through a hepm process which employs chemicals instead of colour.

Also known as viscose.

Woven fabric made of wool or a wool blend that is heavily fulled and shrunk so the yarns become closely interlocked, making it almost impossible to distinguish the weave 2.

Angora The hair of the Angora goat. It was originally of Eastern manufacture. Ogee A design motif resembling a modified oval with both concave and convex curves. Alpaca A natural hair fibre obtained from the Alpaca sheep, a domesticated member of the llama family. Raised loops or other yarns or fibres deliberately emplaced to stand away from the surface of a fabric, forming all or part of the fabric surface 2.

Used to produce strong, durable, firm fabrics such as denim 3. Pilling The tendency of a fabric, usually synthetic, to form little fuzzy balls in reaction to abrasion. Double weave Double weave is a type of advanced weave.