The rest of the gameplay uses combinations. The graphics hearken back to the good ol’ days, when they had to be engaging without blasting your eyeballs through your head with ridiculous amounts of bloom, particle effects, and 3D. The game has launch-title SNES style graphics and sound, with a certain cuteness to the visuals that will ring the nostalgia bell for a lot of gamers. Last but not least, there are seven picture books to collect. Rather, you should direct complaints to the obnoxious jump timing. Akuji the Demon is a doujin action platformer by E.

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Check out Digital Ocean more details in this thread. There are no reviews yet. The game is aimed at a younger audience and hardened gamers might find this game a bit of a pushover.

Contributor Curly’s World of Freeware. The game places you in the role of Akuji, an evil demon defeated and imprisoned by a virtuous knight, who must regain his powers and achieve revenge.

Uploaded by Swizzley on January 27, You’ll start out with three HP, but there’s a way to increase the maximum number of them. What’s behind there is up to you to find out. Luckily, they stay in the background all the time, so it’s no bother.


Generally speaking, the game operation sense is very strong, which needs players have certain skills. Despite having to acquire abilities to open up paths, the game follows a fairly linear path. Sign up for free!

Akuji the Demon

Ths The Demon Download 4. August 11, Characters are pretty cute. I already tried running the game on compatibility mode as well as administrator but no luck so far. The tasks it poses for the player are easily completed, and though Akuji only has one life, there are frequent save points.

Akuji the Demon – Download

I just did and I’m about to try it again. At the beginning of a new game, you’ll be able to pass a special door if you’re rank S or SS.

Akuji the Demon by E. August 12, Well if you don’t have the solution, discuss the nice little game. August 13, Even akuji the demon the same areas, there are details that change from room to room, making exploring a feast for the eyes.

The characters are all pretty cute, as if they jumped out of a kid’s cartoon. Along with these, there are red eemon jalapeno peppers. However, the game has so many save points, even on hard, that you can akujo your akuji the demon within a minute, or less.


Akuji The Demon – Even the demon must be cute

Overall, Akuji the Demon is pretty much standard platform fare, with some demln upgrades and fun exploration elements that should appeal to somebody who just wants to take a trip in reverse through the last twenty years of gaming, or somebody looking for a good game to whittle away their free time. You deserve a e-hug! Please login akuji the demon register. In fact, it fills a gap that’d otherwise be disturbing. More than once, the jump will glitch, causing you to fall from your hard-attained height just as you are reaching one of the little orange powerups.

Akuji has been an evil demon for centuries and brought pain and deaths to mankind. Hottest Games Dragonball Z Vaderz. Rank is determined by the the time it takes to clear the game and the amount of Mana recovered.